Patients should see the doctor for a medical certificate. If you require a medical certificate, please ask the doctor at the time of your appointment.

We strongly encourage all children and adults to complete their immunisation programmes.
The procedure for vaccinations other than those on private prescriptions at Ayr Medical Group is as follows.
The patient/parent/guardian will be given and asked to read  information and advice  literature.
At this time the patients immunisation schedule will be reviewed and the appropriate vaccinations offered.
They will be given the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions about immunisations/vaccinations with the  doctor.
Patients/parents/guardians will be asked to   complete and sign a consent form and the vaccination will proceed.
Patients must sign a Medicare voucher after the vaccination. Failure to do so will result in the receipt of an account. This will be an inconvenience to you as you will be required to represent at reception to have the account settled.
Every endeavour will be made to minimise waiting times. The Doctors are available from 9am to 11.30am and 2.00pm to 4.30pm.

If English is not your preferred language or you are deaf, please advise reception staff so that arrangements can be made for the National Relay Service or Translation and Interpreter Service or other resources. Some of our Doctors speak languages other than English. Please ask Reception.

Tetanus is a life threatening disease which is now rare, mainly because of vaccination. Adult tetanus vaccinations are provided by this surgery after a consultation with the doctor and vaccinations are administered by Ayr Medical Group Staff.

Some overseas travel requires extra vaccinations. You will need to have a consultation with a doctor to discuss these. These vaccinations are not held at the surgery. Patients will be issued with prescriptions which they will need to have filled at a chemist and return to the surgery to have the vaccination administered by a nurse.

It is important that you always check the results of any tests or investigations. Your pathology and radiology results are reviewed by your doctor and if they do not require any urgent action, a message is left for you at reception. A recall letter will be sent for results requiring more urgent attention. Patients are welcome to make an appointment to have their results reviewed.

Ayr Medical Group is committed to quality improvement  and is accredited with GPA.
We are a training practice for Tropical Medical Training and we sometimes have one of their training program Doctors working with us. These young Doctors are fully qualified practitioners who are studying for a higher degree in General Practice.
We also train medical students and from time to time one of them may be ‘sitting in’ with us. If you prefer the student not to be present at the time of your consultation, please advise reception or the doctor.

If your doctor has agreed to refer you to a specialist, you are required to make their own appointments with specialists. Once you have a date and time, please notify Ayr Medical Group reception so that your referral letter etc. can arrive at the office of the specialist prior to your appointment. Please note that some specialists charge out of pocket expenses and a gap payment may be required.

It is not our practice to issue prescriptions without seeing patients. An appointment is required and this can be made by telephoning reception in advance or calling at the front desk. This procedure is in place to ensure there is continuity of care for all our patients.

Please provide all personal details when registering and advise staff as soon as possible of changes to personal details. Patients are encouraged  to provide details of cultural background and emergency contacts.

All consultations, other than emergencies, are by appointment.
Routine appointments are encouraged to be made in advance for all doctors.   Ayr Medical Group has one doctor scheduled to look after acute cases each day.   Once all routine appointments are filled, urgent cases will be referred to the Nurses for assessment and when necessary, will be made with the acute clinic.

From time to time, for various, reasons, patients will be unable to book appointments with their preferred Doctor.  We understand that you find this situation frustrating and sometimes distressing. Should this situation arise, every effort will be made to accommodate you with an appointment with one of the other Doctors at Ayr Medical Group.  All of the Doctors in the practice have access to your medical records.  We suggest giving some thought to a second preference may save undue anxiety.

Appointments are spaced at 10 minute intervals. If you think that you will require more time, please ask the receptionist when you make your appointment.

Long Consultations. Long consultations are available. If you think that you will require more time, please ask the receptionist when you make your appointment.

Longer consultations are needed generally for:

New Patients to the practice, Two or more problems, Mental Health care plans, Medicals and Insurance Forms.

When ringing to speak to the doctor the receptionist will ask if the call is urgent and if so your call will be forwarded to the nurses as the doctors do not accept phone calls from patients during consultations. Please explain the nature of your problem to the nurse who will help you with the appropriate action. Non– urgent calls are usually returned by the doctor at the end of  the consultation session or at the end of the day.

Home visits are generally not encouraged as the surgery is far better equipped to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of illness. However, for palliative care and immobile patients home visits can be arranged.

Any patient referred to a specialist is eligible for transit reimbursement.Ask your doctor to fill in a Transit Form at the time of consultation.   If travel forms are requested not during a consultation an administration fee of $11 will be charged.
Take the completed Transit Form to the Administration Office at the Ayr District Hospital for approval.
Give the Transit Form to the specialist to complete their section at the time of your consultation.
Return the Transit Form to the Ayr District Hospital.

Anti venom is only kept at Public Hospitals. Presumed snake bites should be taken directly to the nearest hospital. Dial 000 for an ambulance and apply a pressure bandage.

If urgent attention is required for a life threatening emergency, you are advised to call for an Ambulance. For less urgent situations please phone the surgery and inform the Receptionist and you will be advised of the appropriate action.

Patient feedback is very important. We are constantly striving to improve the quality and standard of our professional service to you. You can help us with any suggestions you have by submitting them in writing or discussing them with the staff or doctors.

Contact Details for the Office of the Health Ombudsman, GPO Box 13281, BRISBANE QLD 4001       Phone 133 646


Our building is fitted with automatic  front doors to facilitate the arrival and departure of patients. Should further assistance be required, the rear entrance has ambulance and  wheel chair access. Nursing staff are on duty at all times to assist.

Normal consultations; family planning; pap smears; pregnancy tests; ECG:heart check; counselling; vaccinations; minor surgery: excisions; cryo therapy; nutritional advice; industrial medical advice and consultation; sports medicine; skin checks; treatment of lacerations and fractures; medical examinations for insurance, Dept. Social Security, employment, diving; obstetric shared care; Home visits when appropriate; Visits to the home for the aged; Health assessments, GP Management Plans and reviews.

Ayr Medical Group has a doctor on call from 7am – 9pm.  Please be aware minimum call out fee is $200.  There is no bulk billing to any patients for after hours consultations as this is a private service.  Ayr Medical Group Doctors no longer provide services to Ayr District Hospital.   Assistance after hours can also be accessed via the after hours GP helpline by phoning 1800 022 222.

Ayr Medical Group has a NO SMOKING policy


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